Neocutis Skin Care

in Enfield Connecticut

Swiss labs dedicated to state-of-the-art skin research continuously develop the NEOCUTIS line of skincare products - a high-performance, exclusive, proprietary cosmetic technology platform. NEOCUTIS combines their industry-leading technologies with premium cosmetic ingredients to address skin care concerns in targeted, visibly effective ways.

Non-Comedogenic │ Clinically Tested - Scientifically Validated
Free of Color Additives │ Fragrance-Free

NEOCUTIS skincare products are designed to work together and are available exclusively through NEOCUTIS certified medical providers.


Micro Protein Complex: NEOCUTIS's exclusive MPC anti-ageing technology was developed to address five of the key factors that impact the appearance of skin as it ages; collagens I, III, VII, Elastin, and Hyaluronic Acid. MPC products feature a trio of peptides to enhance these key factors and help restore the appearance of youthful skin.

Micro Serum

We recommend Micro Serum Intensive Anti-aging Treatment Powered by MPC. Super-charged with an extreme amount of MPC to provide maximum rejuvenating benefits.


Processed Skin Cell Proteins: This skin nourishing technology containing human growth factors, interleukins, polypetptides and more, has been shown in clinical trials to diminish the appearance of skin aging. Results of this technology have been published in medical journals such as the the Lancet, the Journal of Cosmetic Laser Therapy, the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, and the Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy. It was developed through years of medical research in wound healing, and the cosmetic technology is available exclusively in Neocutis products - available locally at Enfield Women's Health. A number of Neocutis products available at Enfield Women's Health contain PSP technology. Our esthetician will consult with you to develop the skin health and beauty regimen right for you.


Melaplex is a proprietary, skin-brightening formula designed to help the appearance of uneven skin tone (including clinical melasma). Melaplex reduces these signs of aging to unveil your more radiant complexion. MELAPLEX® is clinically demonstrated effective, with little to no irritation. The scientific research demonstrating the effectiveness of this proprietary technology has been published in Journal of Drugs and Dermatology and the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology. The Melaplex complex is available in three NEOCUTIS products including Neo Peel.


Rosaplex is NEOCUTiS's proprietary complex designed to soothe and balance skin redness. The latest scientific research on skin redness suggests that it likely stems from immune system responses. Rosaplex promotes the skins equilibrium to support natural defenses against skin redness with key ingredients including glycerin, caffeine, zinc PCA, and more. Contact us to schedule an appointment and learn more about the products containing this complex and how to use them at home.


The appearance of skin aging is known to come from oxidative stress and free radical activity. VitaPlex C promotes a more elastic and energized skin condition by defending against environmental stress with a formulation of lipophilic anti-oxidants, hydrophilic anti-oxidants, and amino acid metabolites. To have an esthetician consult with you about how you can make topical anti-oxidant therapy part of your skin health regimen, contact Enfield Women's Health now.


Hyaluronic fluid is your body's natural method of tissue hydration and lubrication to keep tissues supples and freely moving. Hyaluronate from NEOCUTIS immediately delivers oil-free hydration to the epidermis (upper layer of the skin). The correct balance of hyaluronic acid in the tissue is a primary element in the strategy for maintaining anti-aging results.

Other Technologies

RETINOL – sustained release helps deliver visible wrinkle-reducing results from Retinol, with less irritation.

GLYCERIN - a high concentration of glycerin helps promote hydration and offers a wide range of benefits including skin-smoothing properties.

PROFESSIONAL – in-office treatment include NEO PEEL Glycolic Acid Solution with MELAPLEX® Technology for aesthetic enhancement.

Our clients come from miles around to consult with us about skin health regimen and receive NEOCUTIS services and products. We are a convenient distance from Somers, East Windsor, Suffield, Windsor Locks, East Longmeadow, East Granby, Chicopee, Windsor, South Windsor, and more.